L'Ecole Francaise

For grades K - 6

Learn French after school with wonderful native French speaking teachers.  Curriculum is conversational and engaging for elementary students with the use of songs, skits, and more.

Early Start Spanish

For ages 3 - 6


Languages are best learned at an early age. Allow your child the opportunity to learn Spanish from an experienced language teacher and native Spanish speaker. Classes will focus on communicative skills through games, songs, and rhymes.

Spanish Classes:
Learn Another Language

For grades 1 - 6

Native Spanish speaking teachers will engage students in an academic curriculum using fun activities, games, and music. Students will learn to understand, speak, read, and write Spanish. They will fall in love with the language as well as the culture and benefit from the opportunities a second language brings.  Follows school holiday schedule.


For grades 2 - 4

Are you looking to get active this fall/winter? Well then join in the fun as we will learn and play several different variations of dodgeball with Mr. Mybeck. We will also work to instill the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play.

Tech Tuesday

For grades 2 - 4


Coming after school to Boone Meadow Elementary.

Kids in the Kitchen

For grades K - 2


Kids in the Kitchen is an exciting and engaging class that will familiarize students with basic cooking terms and kitchen utensils. They will learn to create simple and healthy menu items and after school snacks. They will have an opportunity for math enrichment as they learn about measuring tools and following recipes. Students will also learn how to set the table, and plan a meal including all of the food groups. They will create their own personalized apron and collect all the recipes we have used in class to create their own cookbook.


For grades K - 6

Check out these exciting Minecraft Camp offerings for students in grades 1 through 6. Whether your child is a pro at Minecraft who has previously attended one of our camps or a novice who is just beginning to discover the creative world of Minecraft, our camps offer a STEM focused curriculum that is sure to engage and inspire your child.